Best Moments

What Our Client Says

Our wedding ceremony was sentimental and beautiful, thanks to the vows and readings put together by you, Julie. Everyone was taken with your personality and humour. Those flashes of wit lightened up some very nervy people! Thank you so much for all your help.

Graham and Rachelle, Brisbane, Qld

Julie - our wedding day was amazing, and you were such a huge part of it. Your sincerity and warmth flowed through to our guests: they loved both your light-hearted and serious moments. We were lucky to find you! Thank you.

Campbell and Kelly, Hunter Valley, NSW

Meeting you, right from the start, felt just right,. We really didn't know what to expect, but you were amazing. Everyone was charmed by your lovely personality. We loved the way you helped our very nervous Best Man and Groomsmen to loosen up and smile before things even got started. Our ceremony was beautiful. It was meaningful, emotional, special.

Caroline and Marcus, Sydney

To say "thank you" does not express how grateful we are that you were the one to actually marry us. We would not have changed a thing and were honored you said "yes", so that we could say "yes"!

Ash and Zac, Sydney, NSW